• Experience Minneapolis Culture Through New Hotel Programs

    Two Minneapolis hotels are offering new programs to get guests’ creativity flowing and legs moving.

    FROM THE Spring 2017 ISSUE

Unlock the potential in your team and experience Minneapolis like never before with new offerings from W Minneapolis - The Foshay and Le Meridien Chambers Minneapolis. The two hotels have added new activities to help their guests experience everything Minneapolis has to offer, from getting active to expression through art. 


W Minneapolis - The Foshay and Le Meridien Chambers have put together a new cycling program to get their guests out and active around the beautiful city of Minneapolis

“Guests can also reserve personalized tours,” says David Cronin, complex general manager and leader of the tours (which are based on availability). Cronin is an avid cyclist himself, and especially enjoys the beautiful paths and the year-round accessibility of cycling in Minneapolis. For the tours, he says, “I’ll take guests around the city’s national parks to Lake Calhoun—the largest of lakes in the land of 10,000 lakes.”

W Minneapolis – The Foshay will offer four bikes provided by Handsome Cycles Co. Le Meridien Chambers will offer five bikes provided by Priority Bicycles, and four of Priority Bicycle’s new Continuum bikes (featuring studded tires for riding in slippery conditions) will soon be added to the mix for winter seasons. Tours are perfect for small meeting groups, and are available upon request on a first come first serve basis. 


Le Meridien Chambers, an art-focused boutique hotel, opened a new art room that allows guests the opportunity to get inspired by the Minneapolis art scene, and get creative using the hotel’s complimentary supplies.

“The boutique hotel brings the boisterous curiosity of the art deco era back to life with a plethora of original contemporary artwork throughout the hotel,” adds Cronin. “Plus, not to mention, the property’s artist-designed key cards that offer complimentary access to the famed Walker Art Center.”

All in all, the new experiences provided by both W Minneapolis – The Foshay and Le Meridien Chambers will give guests the opportunity to experience Minneapolis culture in a new way and meet like-minded travelers. 

Brewing together for pure pleasure since 2006, four guys (Tim Hanna, Matt McDevitt, Chris Konicki and Jim McAfee) finally made their dream a reality in 2011 by opening Tuckahoe Brewing Company. Located in Egg Harbor, Tuckahoe offers tours, private parties and sample tastings of their flavorful on-tap beers. Currently, Tuckahoe has 16 different beers in their tasting room that come in various sizes: 4-ounce pours, 10-ounce goblets and 16-ounce pints.


Graves Hospitality has proposed plans for a future development on the current site that will necessitate the immediate closing of Bradstreet Craftshouse in Minneapolis.

The restuarant opened in 2009 in the downtown Minneapolis Graves 601 Hotel. In 2014, Graves Hospitality sold the hotel and the Bradstreet concept was moved to the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis. It opened again in 2015. In approximately 14 months, Bradstreet will open within the InterContinental Hotel, which will be directly connected by skyway to Terminal One of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.


One highway exit away from Minnesota's largest city, there’s an oasis of free parking, great shopping and a bustling social scene. “We like to say that we’re so close to Minneapolis, we share a ZIP code,” says Becky Bakken, president and CEO of Discover St. Louis Park. “We’re convenient and near all the experiences and activities that meeting and event participants want.”